Environmental Engineers in Reno and Nevada


Dietrick McGinnis

Dietrick McGinnis PhD, PE, CEM

Dr. Dietrick McGinnis is the founder and president of McGinnis and Associates. In addition to being a Professional Engineer (PE, Environmental) and Nevada Certified Environmental Manager (CEM), Dr. McGinnis earned his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. Dr. McGinnis has over 25 years of experience in environmental consulting during which he has developed economic, energy, and environmental programs for both industry and government. His projects frequently include characterization and assessment, remediation design, stormwater program development, watershed and wetland restoration, and water and wastewater treatment. Over the years, he has been involved with government to government relation assignments including Tribal Governments, NRDA, and Superfund technical support. Dr. McGinnis has guided monitoring programs for water, soil, plants and air including mining, radiological and pesticide assessments and drinking water/wastewater treatment systems.

Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters EI, Environmental Specialist

Sarah Peters is an EI, CEM, and project manager at McGinnis and Associates. She received her BS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011. As an undergrad, Ms. Peters was a research assistant specializing in water quality and wastewater treatment, and currently specializes in regulatory permitting and compliance. Experience include land-use planning and environmental permitting with federal, state, and local governments. Ms. Peters has expertise in project management with a variety of project types, including, Army Corps of Engineers wetland delineation and 401/404 permitting, National Environmental Protection Act assessment for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services, and Nevada storm water permitting and compliance. She has additionally conducted Phase I site assessments for residential and commercial development projects and has previously worked with local and state air districts for both permitting and compliance for local and regional projects. Additionally, Ms. Peters has developed key project documents including climate change vulnerability assessments, resource management plans, wetland redevelopment projects, emergency response plans, emissions inventories, and has developed an in-house database to meet USEPA STORET data management standards.

Earle C Dixon

Earle C. Dixon, MS, MPA, Senior Hydrogeologist-Scientist

Earle Dixon is an environmental geoscientist from Cherokee, NC working with McGinnis and Associates in Reno, NV as a Senior Hydrologist. Mr. Dixon’s expertise includes hydrogeologic data collection and interpretation, technical report writing and review, and senior project management. Mr. Dixon’s education includes a BA in geology from Appalachian State University (’83), an MS in hydrogeology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (’90) and an MPA (’15) from the University of New Mexico. From 2008 to mid-2015, Mr. Dixon worked for the NM Environment Department (NMED) in the Ground Water Quality Bureau Superfund Program. This work focused primarily on characterization and cleanup at legacy uranium sites in the Grants Mineral Belt associated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 Five-Year Plan. Prior to NMED, Mr. Dixon worked with the Navajo Nation Water Resource program (2006-08) on various water rights projects and the EPA Region 9 Abandoned Uranium Mine cleanup program. Additional professional experience includes environmental assessment-permitting-remediation work involving open pit, copper-molybdenum mines; uranium mines; Yucca Mountain; the former Nevada Test Site; Peabody Coal mines in AZ; the Las Vegas Valley Water District; and petroleum product release sites. Mr. Dixon has particular interest in the geochemistry and transport of heavy metals (especially uranium) and radionuclides in ground water. In 2018 Mr. Dixon supported a Phase II assessment of ground water quality and geochemistry down gradient of a large uranium mining area in San Mateo Creek Basin, NM. His most recent work provides technical review of ground water conditions at a large copper mine and closed landfill. Mr. Dixon is also a 1975-1978 veteran of the US Army, and a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

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Megan Horan

Megan Horan

Megan Horan is the Executive Assistant and Office Manager at McGinnis and Associates. Megan received her BS in Public Health with a certificate in Gerontology from University of Nevada, Reno in 2006. Megan's positivity and drive brings a great energy to the McGinnis and Associates office. Her vision for administrative structure and organization have assisted in the redevelopment of our client support infrastructure. Megan manages the daily administrative tasks including financial matters such as client billing, accounts payable, payroll and banking. Human resource matters and business documentation are included under her supervision. Also, direct any administrative issues you have her way and she’d be happy to help you You can reach Megan at 775-853-0449 x1x3, or mhoran@mcginnisandassociates.com

Faith Machuca

Faith Machuca, Environmental Specialist

Faith is an environmental specialist at McGinnis and Associates. She received her BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2020. Previously, Ms. Machuca has worked with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection as a bioassessment technician, conducting wadable rivers and streams surveys across Nevada. In addition to her duties at McGinnis and Assoicates, she currently serves in the Nevada Air National Guard as an Imagery Analyst. Her experience through the National Guard has allowed her to supplement projects and reports with GIS data to include multispectral imagery indices products and LiDAR topographic mapping capabilities. Through her degree program at UNR, she is proficient in R Studio and possesses statistical modeling experience. She additionally assists with the analysis of weather and water quality data and provides report proofreading and editorials during final review.